Tamworth Lodge Rooms- Replacement Kitchen

Tamworth Lodge Rooms- Replacement Kitchen

Thursday 23rd January 2020
Emily Sime

Tamworth Masonic Rooms had been advised that their kitchen failed to meet current Gas Safety regulations and although immaculately kept the wooden domestic styled kitchen was unable to meet the commercial needs being placed on it.

The works included a full redesign to suit a specific budget, replacement of all Gas pipping, the gas manifold, and a new canopy with integrated LED lighting which is fully compliant with DW172.

A new S&S Northern Gas Interlock system was installed, compliant with CF6173.

New equipment was provided, including a Range, a Fryer and a heated pass. Due the the large demand for tea and coffee a new water boiler was also installed.

Stainless steel tabling and shelving were made to size ensuring their perfect fit to the space, along with all new stainless sinks.

The Masonic Rooms are still incredibly satisfied with the replacement kitchen. It allows them to cater much more efficiently.