Products & Services

We have a range of products and services available for all types of commercial catering businesses, ranging from full kitchen design and installation to repairs and servicing.

Annual Kitchen Gas and Electrical appliance servicing.

Our servicing includes;

  • Gas safety checks, tightness and let by tests.
  • Operating pressure and combustion / aeration.
  • Gas taps where required will be greased
  • Test operation of gas monitoring/ interlocking devices
  • Issue Gas Safety certificate
  • De-scale tanks and components where required
  • Visual inspection of all mechanical parts
  • Removal of debris
  • Correct operation of safety devices
  • Specific checks dependent on appliance
  • Co² monitoring and air quality checks included as standard.

On completion of annual servicing we provide a full maintenance record containing;

  • Gas Certificate
  • Air Quality Readings
  • Engineers Reports
  • Relevant Health and Safety Documents

This folder is updated each time one of our engineers visit your site.

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